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I listen to 7+ hours of podcasts each day, mainly comedy but also daily doses of the CBC and NPR. I don’t think there’s a single libertarian person on any of those podcasts. I’ve tried various libertarian podcasts in the past, but the two I can think of got bogged down in conspiracy theories and pandering of the lowest order in nearly every episode I heard, so I got rid of them.

I’ve finally found a libertarian podcast I can feel proud to support–Free Talk Live, broadcast out of Keene, NH by a few Free Staters. I can agree with nearly everything I’ve heard the hosts say in 4+ hours of listening so far. I’ve also noticed that listening to it makes me happy. I don’t laugh like I would at a comedy podcast, but just the idea that people are talking about issues I care about and educating the uninformed is exciting.

I know we talk a lot about how American media culture has split along left-right lines and people don’t bother to engage with the other side anymore. I know that by saying I like this podcast so much because the hosts sound a lot like me, I sound like I’m part of the media cocoon problem. But it’s just not true. This is the only libertarian voice in what remains a near-uniformly leftist podcast lineup on my iPod. It’s just my little bite of soul food at an otherwise-regular buffet.

I recommend that everyone go out and listen to at least one episode of Free Talk Live. They cover great topics like police brutality, civil disobedience, the Free State Project and the anti-war movement. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have so far.

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I just subscribed to the RSS feed for The Vienna Review today and started catching up on old stories, one of which is called “Leisure, Austrian Style.” Since this post is going to be a departure from the politics and news focus of this blog, I’m going to put the majority of it after the jump rather than confuse politics and news-only people. (more…)

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