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  • LewRockwell.com: Three videos of police brutality. Take your pick, they are all horrible: an elderly disabled woman thrown to the ground, a cop pointing a gun at a woman’s head for getting in a car accident, a girl tased through her skull. Never forget: these thugs are not your friends.
  • National Post: Two Canadians are facing charges for desecrating an American flag as part of a bet over last year’s gold medal hockey game in Vancouver. The flag is just a stupid piece of fabric. It is only the false religion of nationalism that makes it anything more. I would encourage everyone to go out and burn five flags tomorrow just to knock the nationalists down.
  • Justin Raimondo at Antiwar.com: Best and worst of 2010. I am obviously going to love that Glenn Greenwald is one of his best, but I’m really more excited about seeing the repulsive Michael C. Moynihan of Reason as one of his worst. That a hateful little statist apologist like Moynihan works at Reason is appalling. The rot he has been churning out against WikiLeaks is awful, thus making me quite glad to see LRN.fm drop Reason.tv from their lineup.
  • Radley Balko at Reason: The Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld the decision to list a teen on the sex offender registry for forcing another teen to accompany him in collecting a debt. Wh-what? How is that a sex crime? Quiet, slave–do not question the wisdom of Leviathan!
  • Glenn Greenwald: What Glenn learned from his campaign of pro-WikiLeaks media appearances. Money quote: “From the start of the WikiLeaks controversy, the most striking aspect for me has been that the ones who are leading the crusade against the transparency brought about by WikiLeaks — the ones most enraged about the leaks and the subversion of government secrecy — have been . . . America’s intrepid Watchdog journalists.”
  • Via Conor Friedersdorf at Sullivan, USA Today: Railways are apparently the next target for the DHS/TSA fascists. The airport racket wasn’t a big enough employment program for fat skinhead knuckle-draggers, so they are going to need to start up unconstitutional and utterly pointless searches at subway stations to create some more jobs for their brethren.
  • NYT: Have you heard of Jamie and Gladys Scott? They had spent 16 years behind bars for an $11 armed robbery. Well, luckily for them, Miss. Governor (and GOP presidential hopeful) Haley Barbour went and said some vaguely racist crap a few weeks ago. Looking to prove he didn’t hate blacks after all, Barbour suspended their sentences, contingent upon one sister giving the other a kidney. I am glad these women have been released from their ridiculous sentences, but that Barbour did this for opportunistic reasons and that there is some sort of caveat attached pisses me off.
  • Western Standard: Highlighting the inspiring story of an incidence of de facto jury nullification in a Montana marijuana possession case. During jury selection, the drug warriors couldn’t find enough potential jurors in the pool willing to even consider locking someone up for having a sixteenth of an ounce. Not like the quantity should really matter, but still awesome.
  • Eugene Volokh: Phillip Greaves, the sick dude who wrote the infamously-banned-on-Amazon book The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure, was recently extradited to Florida to face felony obscenity charges. Undercover cops baited him into sending them a copy of the book. Is Greaves  a sick puppy who should be ostracized by other adults? Probably. But is writing a book reason enough to entrap someone and then lock them up? Hell no.
  • Via Jacob Sullum at Reason, Michael Siegel: the top 10 anti-tobacco lies of the year. Why just talk about the realities of lung cancer when you can make up much worse lies? That seems to be the motto of the anti-smoking zealots. It’s mostly BS about secondhand smoke.
  • The American Conservative: A great parody poster, ridiculing America’s support of all manner of reprehensible regimes.
  • The Cincinnati Enquirer: Meet John Harmon, a diabetic who was repeatedly tased and beaten by Hamilton County cops during a groundless DUI stop. Cops suspected Harmon was drunk when really his blood sugar was low. It probably didn’t help that Harmon is black. Now he is suing. Good–punch the cop-bullies in the nose.
  • NYT: Headline: “Abuses Cited in Enforcing China Policy of One Child.” Oh gee whiz, do you think? I don’t really know how you differentiate when the one-child policy is itself just one great instance of abuse. There is a story in this report about a woman carried off to a hospital and sterilized against her will. To the criminals perpetrating these crimes–I don’t often wish violence upon people, but may you end up first against the wall come the revolution.
  • Radley Balko at Reason: A how-to on recording the cops. Not exactly a thriller, but excellent for logistics. The recording front is one of the primary ones on which we are fighting right now.
  • Kevin Carson at Center for a Stateless Society: Headline: “Statism: An Unfalsifiable Religion.” Pointing out the endlessly self-perpetuating loop of statism. I liked this quote: “Market failures are taken as evidence that we need a regulatory state, but regulatory failures are used as a pretext for even more government.”
  • William Grigg at LewRockwell.com: Pausing to remember the horrific story of Derek Hale, executed by cops in 2006. Hale’s widow recently received a settlement from the City of Wilmington, Delaware, but that can scarcely bring back her tased-into-a-stupor, then-shot husband Derek.
  • Daily Anarchist: Ugh…a guy writes about how he no longer hangs out with his non-anarchist friends. I hate this crap. Saying that you don’t want to hang out with non-anarchists is just as collectivist as being a collectivist. People must be treated as individuals.
  • Juan Cole: Top ten myths about Afghanistan. Must-read. Cole just demolishes every one of the plot lines you hear articulated in White House briefings and mainstream reporting. It is an unwinnable war.
  • NYT: Remember the name Qian Yunhui. He began as no hero–a Communist Party apparatchik. But he later fought for his neighbors’ property rights, and this is why he may well have been killed by the regime.
  • NYT: Estonia joins the Euro. Poor Estonians. We’ve covered this story before. At a time when the euro is facing an existential crisis, let there be no doubt that this decision had nothing to do with the good of average Estonians and everything to do with bureaucrats and politicians seeking more goodies from the European Union.
  • Jacob Sullum at Reason: Covering the federal court ruling that NYC can’t force cigarette merchants to put up anti-smoking posters. This is one small victory for private business, but it comes in the midst of a losing war.
  • Via Conor Friedersdorf at Sullivan, The Washington Examiner: When it comes to for-profit colleges, no one wins. You have the colleges themselves fighting to keep their meal-ticket, the 87% of revenue they get from taxpayers. Then you have guys shorting the stocks of for-profit colleges fighting for more onerous regulation of them in Congress, just to make sure they make money on their short. Yuck.
  • The War Nerd Gary Brecher at The eXile: Lessons from the Pashtun. I don’t always love Brecher’s column, but this one was hilarious. Good example: “They still remember Timur in Herat, but they won’t remember us. Not even all the money we spent, because Afghans are not future software billionaires. They’ll spend it on guns or pretty little dancing boys, and it’ll all end up in the form of Muhajir merchant families, or the 32-foot Bayliners sitting in the driveway of some merc’s house in Tracy.”
  • NYT: Those who petition the Russian Orthodox Church to rescind Tolstoy’s excommunication either totally misunderstand his philosophy or just want to make a name for themselves. My guess is the latter. If Tolstoy knew that his great-grandson was campaigning for Putin and begging for the Patriarch to restore Tolstoy to good graces, he would implode.
  • John McWhorter at The New Republic: Fantastic essay on how ending the drug war–and not just on marijuana–would be a tremendous thing for black America. My only concern with McWhorter’s essay is that it’s a bit too pragmatic. The war on drugs should be ended because it is morally wrong, not because it leads to a lot of innocent black men going to jail. If fewer black men go to jail once this great wrong is eliminated from our society, then so much the better.
  • Daniel Larison: Pointing out the uncomfortable truth that Liu Xiaobo is a pretty lame stooge of Western imperialism (read: supported the war in Iraq). This news disappoints me, but like Larison, it does not diminish my belief that Liu Xiaobo should be freed immediately.
  • Radley Balko at Reason: Cornelius Dupree Jr. became the 21st man to be exonerated by DNA evidence…in just one county. He had been in prison since 1980. What a tragedy, 30 years stolen.

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China never fails to appall. The spectacle of the Chinese bullying countries into skipping the Nobel ceremony, never mind allowing Liu Xiaobo to pick up his Peace Prize, seems so distant. I only bring it up again to remind you that the Chinese decided one of the best ways to fight the Liu Xiaobo controversy was by creating their own separate peace prize, the Confucius Peace Prize. They didn’t do a bang-up job of stage managing the whole thing, given that the first “recipient” wasn’t informed of his win and didn’t show up to get the prize. Here’s hoping it ages as well as the Stalin Peace Prize did.

In other news, the Mongolian cultural advocate and dissident Hada was released from prison and seemed to have disappeared. Hada had just completed his 15-year sentence for organizing a rally in Inner Mongolia. Luckily, he was later discovered held under house arrest at a hotel in Inner Mongolia. At least he is not dead or in a prison camp again, but the idea that house arrest is a sufficient amount of freedom after serving 15 years just for organizing some people is crazy.

More news came in from another one of the outlying, ethnically non-Han provinces, Xinjiang province, home to the Muslim Uyghurs. There, the Chinese still have not accounted for the whereabouts of 20 Uyghur refugee claimants who were deported to China from Cambodia last year. I do not mean to say that all of the Uyghurs are saints, because some of them are in fact nationalists, terrorists, and/or religious fanatics. But the reality is that the Beijing government has committed far more crimes against the people of Xinjiang than they could ever even dream of committing in response.

Enjoy abusing the dissidents for now, Chinese politicos. I don’t like violence, but I will not shed a tear some day when all of you end up blindfolded against a wall for the crimes you have committed in your country.

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It seems like China has an amazing ability to get its own post each time I do an update. With a country that large run by a dictatorial regime so inhumane and evil, I guess I should not be surprised. And rest assured, there are no human interest stories this time, either.

First let me tell you to never forget the words “My father is Li Gang!” This phrase has apparently become popular in China after the drunken son of a police bureaucrat killed a university student with his car and then threatened security guards on the scene with his father’s name. Her name was Chen Xiaofeng. His, Li Qiming. The state tried to ignore the case at first. Once public outcry got loud enough, they made a show of arresting Li. But the satires and subversive art continued unabated, so eventually they ratcheted up the Great Firewall and disappeared the story from the internet.

These Chinese fascists are foolish to think they can do this any longer. Just like with their attempted suppression of Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel victory, they have failed to defeat the communicative power of the internet, as they necessarily must do. It is too big, too dynamic, and too popular for them to defeat it. So please, enjoy feeling like you still have power over the internet for a bit longer. Savor it. But people like you are becoming irrelevant–you can only stomp on the Chinese people for so much longer before they will stomp on you and grind your stupid, murderous regime into dust.

In other Chinese news, the regime pushed forward with the trial of dissident artist Wu Yuren, who they claim beat up some cops. Given that his friend was in the next room and heard Wu screaming, given that Wu had recently engaged in two embarrassing public protests, and given that he had signed Liu Xiaobo’s Charter 08, I’m inclined to believe his story. Oh, and there’s also the fact that the people on the other side are a bunch of bloodthirsty thugs who would kill a peasant for a dollar. Nonetheless, Wu remains on trial, facing up to three years in jail. Not content with that case, the Chinese state also decided to ban human rights advocates Mo Shaoping and He Weifang from traveling. Stated reason: “endangering national security.” Likely reason: they had been invited to pick up Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel.

So let’s close things out with a trip to every modern authoritarian regime’s favorite place for dealing with dissidents, punitive psychiatric hospitals! Once deployed to deadly effect in the Soviet psikhushki, punitive psychiatry lives on in China. The NYT illustrated the system powerfully by focusing on the story of Xu Lindong, a perfectly sane farmer who spent six years in punitive psychiatric care just because he was persistent in helping an illiterate neighbor petition for a strip of land she believed was hers. Xu was inconvenient to the state agenda, so they locked him up for six years and electroshocked him 54 times. He has now emerged from the hospital, mentally and physically shattered. The people who did this to him–from the authorities who recommended he be arrested to the doctors who “diagnosed” him to the guards who kept him locked in to the technicians who shocked him–all deserve to burn in the hottest fires of hell. How many men like Xu never made it out of the hospitals after killing themselves or dying? How many emerged too insane to say anything?

But what the NYT has in illustrative power, it lacks in balls. They never really call the Chinese authorities out for being the bunch of inhumane scumbags that they are. So this is where the South China Morning Post comes to the rescue, calling Chinese psychiatry a “weapon” and directly making the Soviet comparison, along with providing other examples, like the mother Wang Jingmei who was locked up in psychiatric care lest she testify that her murderer son was insane. Or the engineer Ran Guizhen, who would not retire as scheduled and was forcibly retired to a psychiatric hospital where he eventually died.

So what can you do to fight the Chinese dictatorship? For one thing, don’t be a useful idiot. Never say something like “If only we could be more like China.” Never talk about how impressive their economy is. Never even visit there unless you have to. And when you hear a useful idiot spouting lies, shout them down. The revolution that will some day come in China is not the fight of the West, but that doesn’t mean we should not add our voices to the cries of the repressed people there, agitating against their awful government. Add our voices to the cacophony, yes, and hope for the day in which today’s butchers will be tomorrow’s ground beef.

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I have a morbid fascination with China. The sheer scale of the place alone can make an ordinary story fantastic. The inhumane nature of its suddenly respectable dictatorship is always worth examining. As is the resiliency of the brave souls who fight against it.

The most important story to report is an old one–putting a number on Mao’s butchery. Mao was the greatest butcher of the 20th century and almost certainly human history. Hitler and Stalin fall by the wayside. Genghis Khan butchered a lot of people per capita, but there weren’t that many people back then. So I’m going to give the world’s worst butcher award to Mao. And respected historian Frank Dikotter has put a new number on Mao’s “body of work”–at least 45 million people killed just in the rough period of the Great Leap Forward from 1958-1962. Put 45 million people together and you get, by the latest census figures, the 30th largest country on earth. It would be like wiping out every person in Canada, plus another 11 million. This new figure will probably have an effect on his total tally, which was thought to have been pegged too high at 65 million in the 1997 classic The Black Book of Communism. This man was evil personified, yet somehow his regime leaves on and useful idiots in the West idolize him even now.

In contemporary China, the butchers of Beijing are again pissing in the eye of Tibet. This time, it’s new rules to require Mandarin in their schools. It is not like Tibetan is taking off anywhere outside of Tibet.  It is not like kids in Beijing are forgetting Mandarin as they listen to Tibetan pop songs. This is just about crushing Tibetan culture and assimilating them.

In other news about people fighting back against the butchers of Beijing, the example of Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo seems to be inspiring other dissidents. Let it inspire a whole generation of dissidents. Let the boatloads of Chinese students coming to the West to study go home with a critical eye to the evil of their regime. Let this nationalist bargain of crushed freedom in exchange for “national greatness” be put to rest.

Unfortunately, some of the useful idiots in the West look at this development and condemn it. You’ll remember that Norwegian fool Morits Skaugen we condemned to hell a few weeks back. Now we have a new person to hate, American journalist F. William Engdahl. He has written a charming little piece claiming that Liu Xiaobo is basically an American agent for his association with groups like PEN, the international writer’s NGO. Engdahl says America got him the Nobel. Why? “The reason China is being targeted? Simply because China today exists, and exists as a dynamically emerging world factor in economics and politics.” Yes, it has nothing to do with the fact that they execute people by the boatload, censor the internet, and crush their own people on a daily basis. Go back to the sewer you crawled out of, you death-worshiping hack.

And then let’s cap the blood sundae off with a realistic and awful cherry. Meet Ordos, just one of the fully-constructed ghost suburbs the Chinese are putting up. These ghost suburbs are so awful because they lay bare that China is sitting on a tremendous property bubble that must be fed. They are just building for the sake of building. And once it pops, the second-largest economy in the world will be left reeling and the recession will just get worse. Knowing that we need the butchers is one of the saddest things of all.

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Remember when China lost their heads over dissident Liu Xiaobo winning the Nobel Peace Prize? The mess remains in progress. His wife, supposedly given the chance to visit him and give him the news of his win, is now under arrest, too.

Then there’s nice, friendly People’s Daily Online, the cute little English-language mouthpiece of the regime. Look at how liberal China is being, they are even letting them write about Liu winning the Prize! Oh wait, they are just writing propaganda pieces that recycle vile commentary from the same bunch of Western useful idiots and reactionary Muslims. One of these useful idiots is especially worthy of our opprobrium:

Meanwhile, Morits Skaugen, chief executive officer of the Norwegian marine transportation service company I.M. Skaugen SE, published an article in the Norwegian-language newspaper Aftenposten on Tuesday, saying that it is China that should get the Nobel Peace Prize.

“Development in China is probably the greatest economic experiment we have seen ever,” Skaugen wrote.

My nostrils are flaring. How do you sleep at night, Morits Skaugen? Do you hear the screams of the 65 million innocents Mao butchered? Do you feel the blood of the Tibetans and the Uyghurs and Falun Gong and the Christians and the dissidents and everyone else brutalized by this regime on your hands? Maybe you would like to try a taste of the Cultural Revolution or the Great Leap Forward. How much I would love to see you live happily ever after in peaceful old late communist China. How much I would like to see you locked up without any rights in a black jail. Some day you will look back on this statement and wish you could have sewn your own mouth shut. You are an awful human.

Do your part to spit in the face of the murderous Chinese regime–read the Charter 08 document (H/T: Tyler Cowen) that put Liu Xiaobo in jail. For people used to living in freedom, it might not read as very interesting. There’s even some rather wishy-washy junk about social democracy that I have no use for. But the point is, people were willing to risk their lives and freedom for this document. It deserves to be read. It deserves to be shared. This regime deserves to be brought to its knees and the murderers who run it Ceausescu’d.

Your time is coming, Wen Jiabao and Hu Jintao. Enjoy crushing the people for now. They will crush you in due time.

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Great news today–Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. It was just last year that the Nobel committee recognized warmonger and torture-lover Barack Obama, which was probably their worst mistake since recognizing terrorist Yassir Arafat. This year’s result gives me hope for them yet, though I do have to say that some other dissidents are saying Mr. Liu is not a great dissident.

Predictably, China is incensed. They’re even threatening economic repercussions against Norway. Hey guys, guess what? Norway doesn’t care. It’s one of the least-conformist countries on earth. They’re going to have a high standard of living with our without poisonous Chinese baby formula and lead-painted toys. Try threatening Japan again because Norway’s not buying it.

I hope this will be a sign to the Chinese leadership. Yes, there are all manner of useful idiots in the West happy to do your bidding and praise your many construction cranes that rise above the bones of executed prisoners to build more uninhabited apartments that will keep your property bubble going. Yes, everyone does seem to want to study abroad in China these days. Yes, when most people complain about your crimes, they speak only of Tibet.

But that does not mean all of us are unaware of your thuggery and don’t look forward to your downfall.

You can lock up dissidents for now. You can put petitioners in black prisons and execute people by the truckload. You can tell people how many children you will “allow” them to have. You can prop up an even more evil regime next door in North Korea. You can do these things for now, for sure. In fact, enjoy it while you can.

The problem for you is that history is on the side of the oppressed. Your regime will only last so long as you keep driving the standard of living higher. Once that property bubble bursts and all the world sees that the emperor has no clothes, to the dustbin of history you shall go. I don’t like violence, but there is some part of me that hopes you all end up Ceausescu’d. That even means you, Wen Jiabao, you supposed democrat, you smiling butcher. Sic semper tyrannis.

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  • Via Andrew Sullivan, n+1: a useful idiot freelancer writes humorously of her time as a paid hack of the Chinese regime. Read this bit and cry: “Some might have considered it ethically fraught to shill for an organization best known for driving tanks over students. I thought it was wonderful. I felt like I was at the center of the world, the spot where all eyes were turning. Though a humble conduit for bureaucratic cant, I embraced what seemed like proximity to power.” You rotten waste of space. This is not a laughing matter.
  • NYT: Guess what, the State Department’s travel alert for Europe is getting panned for being too vague. American tourists are being warned that “tourist infrastructure” and transport throughout the whole of Europe could be at risk. That narrows it down. Stop listening to these State Department hacks, people. They’re just like the rest of the U.S. government–they are deeply invested in making sure you live your life in fear and seek their “protection.”
  • New Humanist: ooooh, it’s the Muhammad cartoon preemptively spiked by 20+ U.S. newspapers last week. Spoiler: it’s boring and not controversial at all. Still worth clicking through just to make a jihadist cry.
  • William Grigg at LewRockwell.com: telling the story of an 11-year-old Brooklyn girl who may in part have died because an NYPD officer blocked in her mom’s car to write a parking ticket as the asthmatic girl fought for life in the back seat. I hope you never sleep a decent night again, Ofc. Alfonso Mendez.
  • NYT: meet the families of the innocent Afghans killed by the 5-man murder squad in U.S. Army employ. If we weren’t in Afghanistan, this wouldn’t have happened. No matter how rogue these men were, the blood is still on our hands.
  • NYT: putting the 5-man murder squad case in the context of recent U.S. abuse cases in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why does there need to be a context? They are all evil and despicable.
  • Free Keene: a guy in Keene gets police to accept his privately-issued ID as valid. Also worth looking at is the comments thread, where one guy mentions the World Passport. I’d never heard of it before, but if you really want to chuck your present passport and jump through a lot of visa hoops every time you go abroad, it’s worth checking out.
  • South China  Morning Post: a profile of Liu Xiaobo, Chinese dissident and Nobel Peace Prize contender. I’ll quote my remarks on him from last week: “The Peace Prize should be reserved for heroes like this guy, not spineless, war-perpetuating cowards like Obama.”
  • NYT: NYPD pump a knife-wielding man full of lead, seven times over. He was tased, he wouldn’t drop the knife and he was advancing towards them, but isn’t there something else you could do? Pepper spray him? Shoot him in the leg? Did you have to kill the guy? I don’t know what it is about being a cop that requires you to turn your humanity off.
  • NYT: headline–“More States Allowing Guns in Bars.” They sort of discussed this issue on Thinking Liberty last week. I’m not a gun owner and I don’t particularly like the idea of getting drunk in a room full of people carrying, but that doesn’t mean others shouldn’t have that right.
  • The Globe & Mail: If you thought underwater McMansion mortgages were bad, how about an entire underwater Olympic Village? Welcome to Vancouver, where a private developer financed by city authorities is underwater to the tune of $150-200 million. At least it probably won’t be as costly as Canada’s last great Olympic blunder, Olympic Stadium in Montreal.
  • National Post: a bill is introduced to the Canadian parliament that would make public the salaries and expenses for top First Nations (Native American) authorities. Oh, and what do you know, top First Nations authorities don’t like the idea. It’s good to be king.
  • Liberale et Libertaire: debunking the statist Left’s grasping-at-straws attempt to conflate the South Fulton Fire Department incident last week with life in a libertarian state.
  • The Independent: a British man goes to jail for four months for refusing to give police his encrypted, 50-character computer password. It looks like he might have been under suspicion for “child sexual exploitation,” but this remains a bizarre and upsetting case.
  • Moscow Times: “Advertising by psychics, fortunetellers and others who promise medical cures and to bring back loved ones from the dead will be banned under legislation approved by the State Duma in a first reading Tuesday.” Ugh. And the Russian Orthodox Church is totally on board with it. This sort of manipulation of statism is a perfect example of why Tolstoy the Christian dissociated himself from the ROC.
  • NYT: profiling the Karzais and their private fiefdom that is the Afghan government. You already know about Hamid the Mayor of Kabul, Ahmed Wali the dope baron of Kandahar and Mahmoud the banker, but how about Taj Ayubi, a cousin of the Karzais and former American thrift shop owner who is now the “senior foreign affairs adviser” to the president. Our soldiers are fighting, dying and killing for scum like this. Bring them home.
  • Daily Anarchist: envisioning how a society with privatized roads would work.

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