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The shooting that happened in Arizona last weekend was appalling. Anyone who would wantonly spray a crowd of people with bullets is not worth much consideration as a human. Jared Loughner’s actions are indefensible. He could have perhaps staked a very weak claim to the morality of using force against agents of the state that imposes force against us all every day. It would have been a weak and tenuous claim, a claim that I have rejected from others whenever they have advocated it in my presence. Instead, what he did was turn his gun on a crowd of innocent people. He was just a murderer. I feel deeply sorry for the families of the dead and I hope just as much for the recovery of the injured. For Loughner, I hope he is locked away forever. Executing him would just drag society down to his level.

I was in Canada when the shooting happened, so I was able to avoid the sketchy early reporting. I did get back just in time to catch a lot of leftists (H/T: Andrew) making an  unseemly spectacle out of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party’s supposed culpability in Loughner’s crime. It made me sad to see a respectable blogger like Andrew Sullivan, one of my all-time favorites, jump so quickly to this conclusion. The reality of the matter is that Loughner is an incoherent fool. He is mad as a march hare. What he did was horrible and I hope he is punished severely, but he did not do this as some sort of foot soldier of the Tea Party or because Sarah Palin put a target on a map. He did this because in his crazy mind, government is assaulting language or something like that.

And I can understand why so many leftists leapt to this conclusion. Sarah Palin is a HORRIBLE human being. She has aroused new levels of contempt in me, something that is remarkable given my inborn antipathy for statists. I dislike all of the presidents, but I am confident that were Palin elected, she would quickly find herself battling with FDR and Woodrow Wilson for the title of worst of all-time.

So yes, let us defeat Palin the lying, ignorant, Bible-thumping barbarian. But not in this way. Not in a way that manipulates the deaths of innocent people to reach a political end. If you really think some map graphic on a Sarah Palin website made this nutter kill those people, you have a serious correlation vs. causation problem you need worked out.

As for the overreactions from the agents of Leviathan, join me in vomiting on them all. First there was Rep. Bob Brady D-PA (H/T: Andrew), presumably some sort of vulgar mouth-breather who would just feel more important if he had a taxpayer-funded security detail behind him. Guess what, Bob? No one made you become one of the chief agents of the criminal gang running this country. You had a choice. You chose to become a slave overseer. If you don’t like the risks inherent in the job, then get the hell out. Just now, I saw some dumb shmuck calling for bipartisan seating at the State of the Union address. Good God. The only thing I would like about that sort of useless maneuver is that it might cause some more people to realize that this country is really a one-party (War Party) state. And then there are the worst of the worst, the people calling for limits on speech, the people calling for the Fred Phelps church to be banned from funerals, the people calling for the Fairness Doctrine to return, etc. Just shut up, all of you. I think about half of those people are really just sand-headed kneejerkers of the lowest sort, whilst the other half are hardcore statists who wanted those policies all along and are just using the current tragedy as an excuse.

Best pundit reaction? I’d have to say Radley Balko. He was one of the few people to not let the government off the hook here and remind people that the state initiates force against each of us every day. That was a hard thing for a national pundit to say after this sort of event, so good for him. From my perspective, it’s important to say that Loughner is crazy as a loon and guilty as hell. But don’t let the deranged actions of one murderer become for America what the Port Arthur massacre was/is for Australia–a blank check for kneejerkers and statists to achieve long-held goals in an emotional moment.


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It’s been a while! Between a heavier workload at my internship last week and a weekend trip to Canada, I’ve been keeping busy. Enjoy some links and look forward to a few longer posts, hopefully tomorrow.

  • Via Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic: profile of troops in Afghanistan. Pretty unremarkable except for this: “All our family and friends are home right now eating hamburgers and shooting fireworks,” he told me. “And that’s good. I’m happy for them. But they need to understand the price of that freedom.” What price does freedom have, you goon? Destroyed civil liberties? Tons of dead, innocent Iraqis and Afghans? Thousands of maimed and killed Western soldiers? Two horribly stupid wars? Do you really think this is about freedom? Do you really think I asked you to fight for me? People like this buzzcutted-drone need to put down their guns and get a real job for a turn.
  • Via Lew Rockwell, Bloomberg: Transportation parasite secretary Ray LaHood wants to ban cell phones, even the hands free ones, in cars. Can’t you just sit still and leave us alone, you freak? Stop making laws, especially gross federal laws that piss all over any notion of local government this country might still have.
  • Via Radley Balko at Reason, WBTV.com: 11-year-old D.A.R.E. participant brings his parents’ pot to school to rat them out. They now face charges. D.A.R.E. is a sick little brainwashing outfit that exists to create the next generation of drug warriors and encourage Pavlik Morozov-type stories like this one.
  • Via Lew Rockwell, HuffPo: new military memoir says Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeline Albright asked a top general to fly a U.S. spy plane low enough and slow enough over Baghdad that it would be shot down and give us a casus belli against Saddam. The general refused out of respect for the pilot’s life…not out of respect for the lives of thousands of other troops and millions of Iraqi civilians. Gross all around. The U.S. military is clearly not up to the moral level of the power it has.
  • National Post: Canada’s Supreme Court rules 5-4 that suspects in Canada do not have Miranda-style rights to an attorney. Yuck. It’s not often that Canada runs to the right of the U.S. Apparently such rights “would not strike the proper balance between the public interest in the investigation of crimes and the suspect’s interest in being left alone.” Hello, slippery slope. So much nastiness here.
  • The AP: CVS gets down on its knees to lick the boots of Leviathan, but not before leaving a check for $75  million in fines on the table. Why? For selling too much pseudoephedrine, an ingredient essential to cough medicine and meth. They shouldn’t have paid. If I work for CVS, I tell the government, “If you want us to restrict the sale of this product, then you pay for the enforcement.” Better yet, just refuse to follow this law.
  • Via Jacob Sullum at Reason, CTV Montreal: Remy Couture pleads not guilty to “moral corruption and distributing obscene material” for uploading some amateur horror films he made to YouTube. It may sound like a joke, but this is dead serious. How does this drivel even end up in court?
  • Katherine Mangu-Ward at Reason: the teacher cartel and their vote-hungry lackeys in government gang up against the last frontier, uncredentialed teachers for online coursework.  Is there anyone who still thinks licensing isn’t just a way for people with licenses to lock out competition thanks to the intervention of government goons only too happy to have more powers?
  • NYT: British woman held captive by the Taliban was likely killed not by the Talibs but a stray U.S. grenade. The blood on our hands just got a bit stickier. Stop putting our soldiers in these situations and end this horrible war!
  • The Globe & Mail: Interesting article on U.S.-Canadian border security since 9/11. You know how I feel about the bullies at the border. Just check out this article, though, and see how sad it is that wonderful cross-border relationships have been ruined by life-hating securicrats in Ottawa and Washington.
  • Via Nick Gillespie at Reason, Veronique de Rugy: pretty horrifying graphical comparison of job growth under Bush and Obama. Federal employment grew under both. So much for the Republicans being conservative, eh? The big difference is how much private employment fell under both.  All hail the criminals-in-chief.
  • Libertas Post: Mark your calendars for the first-annual free thought and liberty film festival in Ottawa. Did it have to be in Ottawa, the center of Leviathan’s lair?
  • The Globe & Mail: Sarah Palin visits Vancouver and says nothing. Stop paying to see this vile woman speak. “There were very few specifics, however, on what Ms. Palin would cut to reduce government debt.” That’s because there are no specifics. She was a crappy governor and she’d be a still-worse president, the sort of insane fool who welcomes war with Iran and would never cut defense spending. Please just go away.
  • NYT: Meet Xi Jinping, likely China’s president-in-waiting. Remember his face because he, too, will be a butcher who will one day need to be punished.
  • National Post: Canadian activists work to help American war deserters in an increasingly hostile Canada. God bless these people.
  • Glenn Greenwald: Case-by-case comparison of (fireable) offenses against Jewish Americans versus (non-fireable) offenses against Muslim Americans. Food for thought. Quite damning.

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Michael Ignatieff is the leader of Canada’s Liberal Party. I have never known enough about his policy program to form an opinion of him as a politician, though I’m sure it would be negative since he is the leader of a major political party in a Western democracy. But I have always at least liked the idea that Canadians are ok with a major party leader and prospective prime minister who spent decades working in academia and living abroad. America, on the other hand, is too often plagued by anti-intellectualism (witness the rise of Sarah Palin and the absence of any serious academic in the White House since the odious Woodrow Wilson) and xenophobia (nativist scaremongering against child Obama spending time in Indonesia).

Lately, it seems like the more I learn about Ignatieff, the less I like him.

The Globe & Mail had an interest piece this weekend on Ignatieff and his support for “humanitarian” interventionism–fighting wars to get peace, occupying countries to teach them the right way forward. Money quote:

The rise came in tandem with him providing human-rights arguments to justify traditional U.S. policies of attacking or invading weak countries for its own reasons, and because it could. New arguments were needed after the Cold War, and people like him supplied them. But he seemed to think his ideas caused those policies, rather than justifying predetermined actions. It’s the intellectual equivalent of being born on third base and thinking you hit a triple.

Even when he apologized for something, like supporting the U.S. invasion of Iraq, it was half-hearted and self-congratulatory. He and George Bush had sincere, idealistic motives all the way; it just hadn’t worked out.


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Via Andrew Sullivan, Firedoglake looks at Sarah Palin’s call for a revisionist Tea Party that would not call for cuts to defense. My favorite part:

I hope nobody thinks that she cares one way or the other about this. But her handlers include some of the neocon establishment, and they must have their precision bombers and their fighter jets and their wars. Really they must have their billable projects for the military industrial complex.

It would be funnier if the stakes were lower. These death-lovers are more worried about preparing the military to permanently occupy Afghanistan and invade Iran than the deficit that really does threaten our future. All this even as Bush-appointed Secretary of Defense Robert Gates talks about his plans to cut defense spending. No way that guy knows what he’s talking about!

I will never forgive John McCain for foisting this woman and her legion of fans upon us.

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Nothing’s gotten more attention in the past day than RNC chairman Michael Steele’s anti-Afghanistan war remarks, remarks that were immediately attacked by the right and led to a subsequent pro-war clarification by Steele. (more…)

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Via Andrew Sullivan, tinfoiler does a hilarious pro-Bristol parody from the perspective of a footsoldier in Sarah Palin’s evangelical army.

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Via Dan Savage (via Balloon Juice), Raven Brooks analyzes the Tea Party’s decision to reschedule their July convention for this fall. Their eminently reasonable take on it is that no group would welcome logistical nightmares and risk alienating its members by canceling a scheduled convention on such short notice unless they hadn’t sold enough tickets to make it worth their while. Sounds good to me. With the way they fumbled the ball by booking Sarah Palin as their keynote at their February convention and now this failure, you wonder what sort of longevity the Tea Party is going to have.

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